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Experiencing Improvement Book

We began with aspirations of helping patients and those who cared for them through the work of improvement, having successfully applied those concepts elsewhere. Although we understood that healthcare would be different from other industries in which we had worked, we had reasonable hopes that our tools and methods could be successfully adapted to the new environment.

In writing Experiencing Improvement, we share both our own experience in doing this work and the experience of caregivers with whom we partnered, from executive to front-line personnel, in clinical and administrative roles. Experiencing Improvement is about partnership and the journey of adapting core improvement concepts and tools with caregivers at every level of a great institution.

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About the Authors

Darryl Greene

Darryl Greene is a Senior Executive recognized for creating sustained profitability in Enterprises and large-scale organizations. He works with senior, middle, and frontline leaders to implement business management systems and improvement work creating successful transformation in their performance culture.

Darryl has over 26 years of experience in process improvement and performance management.

Roy Bivens

Roy Bivens leads Orion Advisory, LLC and specializes in working with senior executive teams to create and deploy strategy, business performance management and continuous improvement methodologies. Roy has extensive experience coaching senior executives across multiple industries including healthcare, banking, insurance, oil and gas, and several financial services enterprises.

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Karen Branick

Karen Branick has 25 years of experience improving process efficiency and work flow. Karen has worked with front line staff, middle management and senior leaders. She advocates looking at their work from new perspectives using Orion tools to help them define goals, focus on performance improvement and better manage priorities.

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